Apprenticeships are down 39.5% in Telford since 2015

New analysis from Telford Labour reveals apprenticeships have fallen by 39.5% since 2015 in Telford and Wrekin as Labour sets out its plan to boost skills and drive economic growth.

Apprenticeship starts have fallen from 2,230 in 2015 to just 1,350 in the latest figures. To reverse this downward trend Labour will train over a thousand new careers advisors to provide professional advice and guidance at schools and colleges, alongside high-quality work experience for young people.

As part of a wider package of reform, Labour will establish Skills England, a new national body tasked with driving forward an ambition to meet the skills needs of the next decade. This will be driven by pushing power and decisions on skills spending out from Westminster to local communities, so those communities can better match up skills training with their local business needs and grow local and regional economies. 

Labour’s candidate to be the next MP for Telford, Shaun Davies, said:

“Families in Telford want to see their children do well and get on – and apprenticeships are a great route to doing exactly that. Apprenticeships can also be a really good way for adults to reskill and retrain later in life.

The Conservatives are presiding over fewer and fewer young people being able to find opportunities to take up a place, meanwhile businesses are being deprived of opportunities to grow their own workforce. 

If Labour are fortunate enough to form the next government, we will reverse this trend, giving businesses the flexibility they need to train people up with new skills from digital technologies, to the green skills needed to tackle climate change.”